High school education in Prague

The Academy realizes educational programs of higher and post-graduate professional education in Czech and English Languages, and also performs training, retraining and improvement of professional skills for a certain sphere of scientific, research, and pedagogical activities.
The Academy performs its educational activity in Prague and it is a perfect opportunity for the students of the Academy to live and study in the center of Europe.
At the 16.08.2006 Czech Republic Ministry of Education published an addition 423/2006 Sb. to the act 322/2005 Sb. It means, that OEAEP was in the list of education organizations that provides foreign educational programs accepted by Czech Republic Ministry of Education.
Here is a page of this addition act.
At present OEAEP provides the realization of educational programs of Interregional Academy of Management of Personnel on the territory of Czech Republic.

Our motto – „Only practical education“!

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